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Lileks bleats:

When you switch to the Dark Side, do you have to go to Sith HR to fill a bunch of forms? If the Jedi Council finds out you’re looking to switch sides, they send guards to make you empty out your desk and escort you out – or at least they used to. Apparently the fired guy always did a backflip once they were outside and decapitated the guards.


Obi sighs. The sun is behind him, so we know he’s in the right here. “Only Siths deal in absolutes,” he says.

Well, Obster, you’re not with him, right? And you’ve come to kill him, right? So Darth has a point. One might say that the Jedi failure to deal in absolutes, such as make absolutely sure Vader is absolutely dead instead of leaving him to bake like a tater tot left overnight in the broiler machine, might have served everyone well.

In other, pointed to by Slashdot news, Ghent posts on what its like to watch all the movies out of in order, in Prequel Generation Questions a New Hope and Why doesn’t Obi-Wan remember Artoo?

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  • Guest says:

    When Anakin and Obi W-K are going for the main cruiser in an attack sequence (somewhere near the beginning, but I don’t remember the exact time) and the defense ships are coming at them, one of them says something like “split up and let them go through us.” My question is as follows: since the defending ships are piloted by droids why wouldn’t they just crash into A & O’s ships and kill or incapacitate them, sort of a “brilliant pebbles” approach? A winning strategy would seem to be for the bad guys to build a dozen defenders for each possible attacker and then just try and ram them. Or are the droids built with a self-preservations mechanism that is stronger than their orders to kill the enemy (seems like a bad design decision!!)

  • Adam says:

    Hmmmm….Star Wars (the movie) learning from Star Wars (the defense boondogle). I think even the Simpsons would explode with self-referential irony.

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