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Choicepoint, Axciom Highly Accurate

100% of the eleven participants in the study discovered errors in background check reports provided by ChoicePoint. The majority of participants found errors in even the most basic biographical information: name, social security number, address and phone number (in 67% of Acxiom reports, 73% of ChoicePoint reports). Moreover, over 40% of participants did not receive their reports from Acxiom — and the ones who did had to wait an average of three months from the time they requested their information until they received it.

So says a new study from Privacy Activism. Read the news release, or the study. (There’s also a 162k PDF file.)

On thinking about this for another minute, I need to add that ironically, inaccuracies in the data are more likely to harm the honest than the fraudsters-by-impersonation. The id theives, will just hope that the wrong data is seen as right, or right enough for granting credit, or just move onto the next person.

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  • Pete says:

    Uh, oh. It only took you “another minute” to identify what “the problem is” that Real ID is trying to solve (a concern from a previous post of yours)… now you can’t ask that question anymore (or you can, though you answered it yourself).

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