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Anonymous Blogging Roundtable

I think the roundtable went well. Mark Glasser started us off with a review of the state of the world, with China having 67 bloggers in jail, Bahrain requiring bloggers to register, Cuba having a black market in email accounts with one costing $240, out of an average annual income of $1700.

We talked a lot about technology, and less than I would have liked about what holds people back from blogging. Hossein Derakhshan had some great input both at the panel and afterwards about the need for a variety of reading tools…Reporters Sans Frontiers has a list of issues country by country. (I’m in his “Building a bloggosphere” talk now, and he again mentioned that his blog has more readers via email than web or RSS, and that he evades blocks by buying new domains.)

I think we got awfully technical in the roundtable — Nashville is Talking says “Well, this Anoniblogging Roundtable is a little more technical than I thought it would be. I mean, I’m not sure what I thought it would be like, but I at least thought I’d be able to follow along.”

The Media Drop, Committee To Protect Bloggers, and Rconversation all have more.

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