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My Categories Suck

The categories I’ve set for this blog are non-functional. I have 16 categories, of which maybe 4 are ever exclusive.

Do you look at my categorization of posts? Do you look at the category archives?
Should I create a new set of categories? If so, what? (mmm, Choicepoint! Not.) Should I abandon categories and go to tagging? If so, what Movable Type/MarsEdit add-on should I use?

5 comments on "My Categories Suck"

  • Chris Walsh says:

    I never pay attention to categories.
    BTW, is intriguing.

  • Tom Moore says:

    I’m experimenting with a hybrid approach.
    You can do both with MovableType.
    I started to post with tags while still filing to categories. However, I banished my categories to visibility only underneath my archives pages.
    Also see a discussion on another site of this topic –

  • MN says:

    I never look at your categories either…

  • Axel says:

    Seems to be a recurring theme. Mine suck, too. And since they suck for the third blog in a row I seem to have a general problem. Oh well.

  • sama says:

    I try to keep my categories to a minimum, broad based categories like “News” or “technology”. I never look at other bloggers categories.

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