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Electric Kool Aid Acid Map

Or, as your attorney, I advise you to look at these maps.

2 comments on "Electric Kool Aid Acid Map"

  • Pacanukeha says:

    I like them, almost as good as the civil war map. I especially like the last one. Now I want to see a 3-D distortion of that map for 2 things:
    1) Taxes paid vs federal spending.
    2) % of GDP on a per-capita basis. This would be misleading though, because GDP is most often generated in a different county than residence. Any ideas on how to correct for this?
    This would show who is getting the pork and who is making the pork.

  • adam says:

    I think its a mistake to go there. The 16th ammendment explicitly calls for taxation without apportionment for some very good reasons. Saying “Blue states pay the red state’s way” leads to “Red staters die in wars for blue staters..” Which is worth more? We have one country, and overall, that’s a good thing.

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