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Johnnie Thomas again

On one occasion [Johnnie Thomas] was told that she had graduated to the exalted status labeled, ‘Not allowed to fly.’ She discovered that there was no method available for having ‘her’ name removed from the DNFL; indeed, one person from her local FBI office dismissively told her to hire a lawyer (although ironically, he refused to identify himself). An employee of the TSA informed her that ‘four other law-abiding John Thomases had called to complain.’

She ain’t got nothing on David Nelson. Every David Nelson [link to no longer works] in the country knows they’re on the no-fly list. And not being Senators or Congressmen, they have no hope [link to no longer works] of getting off. It even happens to the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

(Inspired by Mark at BoingBoing.)

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  • Johnnie Thomas says:

    In 2002 my “Master Terorist,”Don’t Fly”, “Error” listings were said to be on account of my having a name silimar name to one of the many aliases assumed by Oregon murderer Christian Longo. Last year, after Longo was sentenced to death, the Billings, Montana police told a ticket agent “She’s a different man this year, a man from Australia.” I have been stopped numerous times since then. My last stop occurred on my last flight out of Boston in May, 2004.

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