Threat Modeling Training from Shostack + Associates


Threat modeling is essential to delivering security to your customers. Threat modeling well requires practice doing the right things, and threat modeling well as an organization requires practicing those skills together. Your team will develop a language, habits, and capabilities by training together in a confidential and respectful environment.

Every journey is unique, and we are here to help. We have a catalog of training offerings, and when we're delivering to a group of 15 or more students, we are happy to customize to your needs. Many customers buy packages of corporate courses, augmented with seats in open courses and self-pace seats to help keep skills aligned as new staff come onboard.

Customizations we've done have included:

Our curriculum design includes self paced and live instruction versions of most of our popular courses, to allow you to deliver training at different lengths and intensities without losing the shared understanding that makes good threat modeling so powerful.


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