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You know those fancy contact us pages that web designers build? The ones that take your request and leave you wondering if it was even sent, never mind read? We don't like 'em either. So instead, email Adam at
(What's up with that strange address? See the threat model for an explanation.)

Some links for reasons you might want to email us:

Speaking Requests

Adam is happy to consider speaking at your event. When speaking to non-profits, universities, or community events by video during the Seattle business day, Adam is happy to donate time. For corporate clients, we're happy to work with you on an appropriate plan. (Unfortunately, we need to clarify that an appropriate plan with a for-profit firm includes payment, not "exposure" or promises that it may lead to future business.)


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We offer threat modeling trainings. We're really proud of them. We want to be able to let people know about them. And... Adam hates spam. He set up "Adam's New Thing" (below) to be about the new things he's doing, and new course announcements seem like something different.

So we set up a new list: "upcoming courses." You'll be shocked, shocked to hear that it's more commercial. We're going to use it to announce new training offerings such as:


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Adam has a mailing list for those who want to hear news. It's cleverly named "Adam Shostack's New Thing." It's the first place to hear about the new things he's creating — books, games or anything else.

He promises to send fewer than 13 messages a year to this list, each about something he's created, or something awesome that a friend has created. It averages about 6 messages a year.

This list is intended for be his least-frequent, most important content. Sign up so that you don't miss what he's been building!

Why would you sign up for this versus following him on Twitter, the blog or Youtube? This list is designed to be the least-frequent, most important content. Sign up so that you don't miss what he's been building.

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