Book Contributions by Adam Shostack


I don't mean to take credit for these, but am proud to have helped or contributed in various ways:

Book cover for 97 things appsec pros should know   Book cover for cyber peace   book cover - Designing Secure Software   Book cover for Practical Security Architecture   Book cover for you can stop stupid   book cover - Secrets of a Cyber Security Architect   Book cover for Economics of Information Security

Threat Modeling Gameplay with EoP

I was honored to write the foreword to Threat Modeling Gameplay with EoP: A reference manual for spotting threats in software architecture by Brett Crawley. (Packt Publishing, 2024)

97 Things Every Application Security Professional Should Know

I have a short “thing” on threat modeling with Matthew Coles and Izar Tarandach in 97 Things Every Application Security Professional Should Know, edited by Reet Kaur and Yabing Wang. O’Reilly, June, 2024.

Cyber Peace

Rob Knake and I have a chapter, “Trust but Verify” in Cyber Peace: Charting a Path Toward a Sustainable, Stable, and Secure Cyberspace, edited by Scott J. Shackelford, Frederick Douzet, and Christopher Ankersen. (Open access.) Cambridge University Press, May, 2022.

Designing Secure Software

I was honored to write the foreword to Designing Secure Software by Loren Kohnfelder. Loren and I also talked in depth about several chapters as he was working on the book, and I think he has every right to be as proud of this as of other important work he’s done. NoStarch Press, November 2021.

Practical Security Architecture

Practical Security Architecture by Ed Moyle and Diana Kelley. I was interviewed for this by Ed, and am quoted in many parts of the book. Packt Publishing, 2020, and a second edition, November, 2023

You CAN Stop Stupid

I was one of two technical editors for You CAN Stop Stupid by Ira Winkler and Tracy Celaya Brown. I’ll admit I found the title somewhat shocking when I first saw it, but the authors make a convincing argument they're taking on the way people really think. Wiley, 2020

Secrets of a Cyber Security Architect

I was honored to write the foreword to Secrets of a Cyber Security Architect, by Brook S. E. Schoenfield.

Economics of Information Security

Paul Syverson and I contributed a chapter, What Price Privacy? to Economics of Information Security, edited by Jean L. Camp and Stephen Lewis.