Book Contributions by Adam Shostack


I don't mean to take credit for these, but am proud to have helped or contributed in various ways:

book cover - Designing Secure Software   Book cover for Practical Security Architecture   Book cover for you can stop stupid   book cover - Secrets of a Cyber Security Architect   Book cover for cyber peace   Book cover for Economics of Information Security

Cyber Peace

Rob Knake and I have a chapter, "Trust but Verify" in Cyber Peace: Charting a Path Toward a Sustainable, Stable, and Secure Cyberspace, edited by Scott J. Shackelford, Frederick Douzet, and Christopher Ankersen. Forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, May, 2022.

Designing Secure Software

I was honored to write the foreword to Designing Secure Software by Loren Kohnfelder. Loren and I also talked in depth about several chapters as he was working on the book, and I think he has every right to be as proud of this as of other important work he's done.

Practical Security Architecture

Practical Security Architecture by Ed Moyle and Diana Kelley. I was interviewed for this by Ed, and am quoted in many parts of the book.

You CAN Stop Stupid

I was one of two technical editors for You CAN Stop Stupid by Ira Winkler and Tracy Celaya Brown. I'll admit I found the title somewhat shocking when I first saw it, but the authors make a convincing argument they're taking on the way people really think.

Secrets of a Cyber Security Architect

I was honored to write the foreword to Secrets of a Cyber Security Architect, by Brook S. E. Schoenfield.

Economics of Information Security

Paul Syverson and I contributed a chapter, What Price Privacy? to Economics of Information Security, edited by Jean L. Camp and Stephen Lewis.