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House Oversight Committee on Equifax

The House Oversight Committee has released a scathing report on Equifax... Cover of House Oversight Committee report

The House Oversight Committee has released [link to no longer works] a scathing report [link to no longer works] on Equifax.

Through the investigation, the Committee reviewed over 122,000 pages of documents, conducted transcribed interviews with three former Equifax employees directly involved with IT, and met with numerous current and former Equifax employees, in addition to Mandiant, the forensic firm hired to conduct an investigation of the breach.

I haven't had time to review the report in detail, but I don't think it answers questions I had reading the GAO report. Four of their give key findings are about what happened before the breach, but the fifth, "unprepared to support affected consumers," goes to a point I've made consistently over nearly a dozen years: "It’s Not The Crime, It’s The Coverup or the Chaos."