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Happy Apollo Day!

photo of astronaut after landing on the moon

Today is the 50th Anniversary of ‘One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.’

It's an event worth celebrating, in the same way we celebrate Yuri's Night.

The holy days — the holidays — that we celebrate say a great deal about us. They shape who we are. The controversies that emerge when we try to add (Martin Luther King) or remove a holiday (Columbus Day) are controversies because they express who we are, and how that could be changing.

Some of these new holidays are silly: Talk Like a Pirate Day, Star Wars Day.

Some of the holidays are happy, some are somber.

Apollo Day could celebrate the engineering achievement, the risks and dangers of exploration, and the sadness that we haven't been back.

So, the only way to start a holiday is to start a holiday. Start by wishing people a happy Apollo day, and we'll see if it reaches escape velocity.