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Cybersecurity Lessons from Covid19

Join us for a provocative exploration on Thursday! Cyber-covid AI imagery

What can Cybersecurity learn from the covid pandemic? Josiah Dykstra and I will be speaking at the Ostrom Workshop Cyber Public Health Working Group, tomorrow, Thursday the 28th at 3 Eastern.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to confront a widespread, deadly, and rapidly spreading biological threat. COVID-19 offers an opportunity and call to action for cybersecurity professionals, policy makers, and the public to think about preparation and response to catastrophic digital threats. Human, process, and technological systems in 2024 are unprepared for pandemic-scale digital threats but timely and effective responses are possible by incorporating lessons from COVID-19. In this talk, we characterize what we mean by pandemic-scale cyber events. Next, using insights from published analyses, we offer six core lessons from Covid as an informative guide for thinking about pandemic-scale cyber threats. Finally, we present ideas for developing a new playbook for a pandemic-scale cyber threat.
If you're interested, please join us by registering. At that link you can also sign up for the list and more!

A cartoon about what did we learn from Covid.

Cartoon by Jen Sorensen is way better than the midjourney generated pablum.