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When I started blogging a dozen years ago, the world was different. Over time, I ended up with at least two main blogs (Emergent Chaos and New School), and guest posting at Dark Reading, IANS, various Microsoft blogs, and other places.

I decided it's time to bring all that under a single masthead, and hey, get TLS finally. I've imported the EmergentChaos and New School archives, but not the others. For those others, I'll post a link here as I post there.

If you subscribe to either or both, I suggest subscribing here; I'll post reminders to those other blogs to move as well. If you maintain a link to either of the old blogs, please update it to point here.

I'm sure I've broken things in the imports, please let me know what they are.

In the near future, I'll set up redirects from the old blogs to here.