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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

  • What's the best history of @Defcon Capture the Flag? (cc @rileycaezar @thedarktangent ) #
  • RT @thedarktangent What's the best history of #DEFCON Capture the Flag? @adamshostack asks, & we need to update the site. Send your links! #
  • RT @jccannon7 My sci fi book launches today. More info at #
  • RT @mortman New posts: The "Continuous Deployment and Security" of "Chocolate Waffles" #
  • RT @_nomap CCTV operators in London have remote access to the surveillance network, so that they can work from home. #
  • How did @kuow find a guest on technology who's not familiar with @GreatDismal (William Gibson)? Impressive! #
  • Congrats to @metrixcreate for being the first to show @greatdismal a 3d printed object. #
  • RT @TimKarr Not so free at last: Sony issues takedown notices for those posting MLK's "I have a dream speech" #
  • Is it just me or is AT&T wireless displaying a fail whale in Seattle? #
  • My friend @votescannell is running for the Alaska State Legislature. You should follow her & vote for her! #
  • RT @pmocek Eric Rachner settles his suit against Seattle over 2008 false arrest by the ever-out-of-control @SeattlePD #
  • NoScript routes around Wikipedia blackout. There's a metaphor here. #
  • New blog: "Seattle in the snow" #
  • RT @josephmenn Former HBGary Federal CEO @aaronbarr, who drew @LulzSec fire for doxing anons, has left his subsequent job at Sayres #
  • New blog: "Seattle in the Snow" Give us your 2mm! 🙂 #
  • RT @hmason E-mail is still the biggest social network << Always will be. De-centralized, choose your name, many accounts per person. #
  • MT @rmogull Finished a call on exec protection. Not something I usually cover, told them hire an expert << Not thought leader behavior! 😉 #
  • New bloggage: "More on the weather" #
  • Kahneman prefers short words since long ones take up more mental space, & slow thinking. Jargonistas, take note! #
  • RT @oneraindrop Money Games for teaching kids financial literacy, just as important to teach parents budgets, saving #

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