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Kudos to Ponemon

In the past, we have has some decidedly critical words for the Ponemon Institute reports, such as “A critique of Ponemon Institute methodology for “churn”” or “Another critique of Ponemon’s method for estimating ‘cost of data breach’“. And to be honest, I’d become sufficiently frustrated that I’d focused my time on other things.

So I’d like to now draw attention to a post by Patrick Florer, “Some Thoughts about PERT and other distributions“ [link to no longer works], in which he says:

What follows are the results of an attempt to answer this question using a small data set extracted from a Ponemon Institute report called “Compliance Cost Associated with the Storage of Unstructured Information”, sponsored by Novell and published in May, 2011. I selected this report because, starting on page 14, all of the raw data are presented in tabular format. As an aside, this is the first report I have come across that publishes the raw data – please take note, Verizon, if you are reading this!

So I simply wanted to offer kudos to the Ponemon Institute for doing this.

I haven’t yet had a chance to dig into the report, but felt that given our past critiques I should take note of a very positive step.