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94% of Philippine IT Professionals Endorse Breach Disclosure

LOCAL SURVEY SHOWS: Private sector wants breach of information systems reported :” [link to no longer works

MANILA, Philippines — Local organizations want the breach of information systems and theft of personal information reported, a survey conducted by the Cyberspace Policy Center for Asia Pacific (CPCAP) showed.

“A surprising 94 percent favored the imposition by law of [an] obligation upon businesses to report [a] breach of security of information systems or theft or personal information,” Claro Parlade, executive director of CPCAP, said in a summary of its survey that was presented to a technical working group created by the Commission on Information and Communications Technology to help Congress draft a data privacy bill.

The survey had a small sample size, but even so. 94%. It’s like a sea change in just three years. How are you using breach data?