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Back in the ring to take another swing

Via Kable’s Government Computing, comes news [link to no longer works] that the British House of Lords “Science and Technology Committee has announced a follow-up inquiry to its ‘Personal Internet Security’ report”.

Chair of the committee Lord Sutherland said: “The committee was disappointed with the government’s response to its report. We felt they had failed to address some of our key concerns about people’s security on the internet.
“The House of Lords is likely to be debating the report in the summer and to ensure that the debate is as well informed as possible we have decided to seek key stakeholders’ views on the government’s response.”

Kable’s Government Computing, 2008-02-21
I speak American english, so I may not be up on the nuances, but I think Lord Sutherland is saying that they’re going to line up a bunch of experts to say what absolute dolts the government were in ignoring the recommendations put forth by the Committee last year.