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Welcome, SecurityFocus readers

The inclusion of Emergent Chaos among the blogs featured at Security Focus happened, one might say, “on Internet time”. Specifically, it was a cool idea that people talked about for a while, and then it got implemented very quickly and surprised us. Quite apropos, given this blog’s title.
Anyway, Adam, EC’s bandleader, is away from the keyboard. Hopefully, this brief introduction to the blog will suffice in his absence.
Emergent Chaos is a group blog on security, privacy, liberty, and economics. We write on each of these topics singly (except the last — too much high-quality competition), and in various combinations. Perhaps the best way to become familiar with Emergent Chaos is to take a look at the highlight reel.
I’d say (not speaking for EC, the President of the United States, or the National Football League) that you could do worse than to start with:

Thanks for your time. Hopefully, you’ll like what you see and become a regular.