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DoD Tricare Management Activity system, SSNs, credit card numbers, health info, 14K people

Via Army Times:

The Pentagon said routine monitoring of the Tricare Management Activity’s public servers on April 5 resulted in the discovery of an intrusion and that the personal records had been compromised, leaving open the possibility of identity theft among the members affected. The information contained in the files varied and investigators do not know what, if any, criminal intent the perpetrators had, or if the information would be misused.
Affected members were notified by mail earlier this month and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service has begun an investigation, defense officials said.

Tricare is the U.S. military health system. If you visit their web site, you find this:

If you received a notification letter regarding a potential compromise of your personal information and you have questions, please call 1-800 600-9332. Please do not call the Defense Criminal Investigative Service number referenced in the letter. We regret the inconvenience.

I believe the relevant acronym is SNAFU.