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Identity Theft Poster Girl

..may just have been found!
The Associated Press reports that

Fashion model Beverly Peele was arrested on identity theft charges for allegedly buying around $10,000 worth of housewares, appliances and furniture by using credit card numbers without permission, authorities said Friday.
The complaint filed against the 30-year-old alleges she charged furniture, a refrigerator, a washer and dryer, bedding and other items for her home on credit cards that were in a wallet she had found in a supermarket.
Investigators said Peele returned the wallet to the owner, a Valencia resident, but not before apparently taking down the numbers on the charge cards.
Peele is also accused of having made unauthorized charges on a credit card belonging to a Coto De Caza man who used his credit card at modeling agency where Peele was employed, sheriff’s officials said.

Here’s some of Ms. Peele’s legitimate work, posing for a company that also has had a checkered past with credit card numbers.