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Flock's Progress

Posted by Adam

Lots and lots of people are commenting on the first public release of flock. After I met Bart Decrem, he was nice enough to let me into the alpha, and so I’d like to offer a slightly different perspective, about what’s changed, and the rate of change.

I think that examining what’s changed in a few months is valuable, because it tells you about how agile and responsive a company will be.

First things first: The new home page. The explanations of how to use get started are new, and a great help.

Next, the blog editor in which I’m typing this. Its now a window, as opposed to a tab, which makes a lot of sense. Some old features which made things hard to use are gone, and I like the new editor a lot more. Tooltips would rock, as would a way to see what’s
being trackedback. It would also be nice to apply my blog’s css to a post as I edit, but I can see how that might be tricky.  (Let me also note that when I saved this blog post, quit Flock, and re-opened it, each period followed by anything other than a newline had a question mark after it.)

It now has an integrated history search. Browser history search is awesome, as I’ve talked about before, and integrating it into the browser makes lots of sense. Integrating it into the browser history is really a nice idea, although Retrospective’s ability to display context is also cool.

Finally, it feels much more responsive than it did before.

I think its solid progress, and I’m quite glad to see someone thinking about taking the browser to a new level.