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Small Bits of Chaos: Hal Stern, Lexis-Nexis Hackers, UK ID Cards, Bolton

  • Hal Stern has a blog! Hi, Hal!
  • Wired News has a long story, “Database Hackers Reveal Tactics,” about the kids who broke into Lexis-Nexis. There’s some interesting bits. Most interesting to me is that none of these kids seem to have lawyers telling them to shut up.
  • The BBC has an article on British reactions to ID cards:

    A German diplomat told me: “Nobody thinks about it, nobody questions it… if you’re in trouble, you just show it… we don’t mind giving information if it’s necessary.”

    the independent Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas…said the phenomenon had “a strong continental European flavour”, citing the example of communist east Europe and fascist Spain in the 20th century.

    What is clear, though, is that for Tony Blair the introduction of identity cards is a key part of establishing his political legacy before he steps down as prime minister. Cynics might say that is the real business requirement.

  • The Counterterrorism Blog has a fascinating post on “BOLTON AND THE ART OF COOKING INTELLIGENCE:”

    No one really appreciates what Bolton tried to do to the NIO for Latin America (NIO/LA). I have been privileged to know the NIO/LA for almost 19 years. He was my predecessor as the Honduran analyst and helped me learn the ropes and set the standard for doing good analysis. He is one of the best and brightest within the analytical community. Yet he has been vilified by some. I never cease to be amazed that a man like the NIO/LA, who started off in Washington working for Republican Congressman can be vilified by Republicans as some sort of liberal, Democratic activist.