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Emerging from BlogNashville

I have about 30 tabs open from , and probably not enough time to sort through them all. Also, I really want to spend time thinking about what I heard and learned at the anonymous blogging roundtable and the protecting bloggers session (well covered by the Nashville Files.)

So a link dump:

  • The New York Times has an essay on Time Warner, backup tapes and encryption.

    It turns out that managing the keys for an enterprise data recovery effort is tricky. You want the keys to be kept secret, and be very easy to get after a disaster.

  • The New Normal has a long post on how the world is changing, and how to prioritize, plan, and participate in a changed world.
  • Ethan Zuckerman has a post about Tor usability, and how that interacts with protecting people in repressive nations. (Since I’m writing on an airplane, I’ll respond to Justin Mason’s comment here: The latency issues with inter-node networking are a hard usability/security tradeoff. Roger Dingledine correctly argues that if you let nodes make their own claims about their latency to other nodes, then either a lying or really well situated node could pull traffic towards it by having the best latencies. A government agency could set up a node near exit points from a country, and get most traffic to flow through it.)
  • Joe Katzman at Winds of Change points to MuslimWakeUp [link to no longer works]:

    Elen Ghulam describes how she met the love of her life – and as a result, had to live in Israel among “the enemy.” What do you do when you find that your handsome Palestinian husband is… an Israeli?

  • Presto Vivace comments on links between privacy and security as mutually reinforcing.
  • Mike Solomon of PithHelmet fame has a long essay on how to reverse-engineer code on the Mac. Better yet, its a foray into Wiki-driven documentation.