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Freedom to travel in Ukraine

This information has been confirmed by another listener. She said that in ticket sales offices on Hnatyuk street in Lviv the cashier was extremely friendly to those who were traveling to Kiev, but she did record the passport data into some sort of catalogue.

Maidan-INFORM has been stressing, that such practice of registering movement of citizens without their permission is against the constitutional freedom of travel. Regardless of all this, we are telling citizens – DO NOT BE AFRAID!

In the United States, we now have an internal passport system for air travel. John Gilmore is fighting it, as are others. But we can’t tell what uses the data is being put to, since it’s all computerized. We do know that the government is demanding it, and the airlines are rolling over. Let’s be thankful that the US elections were fair, and … I can’t go on.

“The last, best hope of mankind” has to take lessons in freedom from the Ukraine?

(From Maidan [].)