Documentation by Adam Shostack

This is a list of random pages that have some sentimental sort of value.
Notes from the Vulnerabilities Database Workshop
The CVE emerged from the 2nd Vulnerabilities database workshop. My notes from the "balkanization" working group are here.
StartTLS For Postfix (Technical instructions)
A short page on the use of StartTLS for Postfix to do opportunistic encryption of email between servers. Five minutes to more email confidentiality! Why wait? (There were good reasons that mail server was not yet doing this, which are too complex to fit in this margin.)
Chrooting DNS
After (1996) problems with DNS, I decided that chroot'ing it would be a good step. Here's instructions. This is now obsolete, as the ability to chroot is now part of BIND.
How to Write a Proxy
I've written a document on How to write a proxy.
Free Crypto Libraries
After someone claimed that what the world needed was a crypto library, I assembled information comparing freely available crypto libraries.
Overview of SSL (version 2) and S-HTTP
An overview of SSL (version 2) and S-HTTP, technologies for keeping web pages confidential. Helps answer the question "What part of secure socket layer 128 bit encryption don't you understand?!!"
Notes on Clipper Presentation (HOPE 1994)
My notes from a presentation on the Clipper Chip at the HOPE conference, 1994. This was the first thing I ever wrote that was cited by an academic.
S/Key Documentation
Documentation I wrote while at the Brigham & Women's Hospital regarding S/Key. An introduction, technical notes, and a step by step users guide. (If you look at the document titles, there was originally a #3, which was a where to find PGP, but thats been replaced by a few links.)