About Shostack + Associates


Adam Shostack founded the company that bears his name in 2016. (See our About Adam or about the company pages for more.)

Adam is obviously closely associated with the company, but not everything he does is or was done by the company.


This website has gone through many iterations over the years. As of Fall 2021, we're really happy with the playful yet modern version you see now. The updated design and streamlined functionality was made reality through the creativity and hard work of a fantastic team. Thank you Melanie, Paola, Connie, and Jessi.

Brand Development / Management

Melanie Warner led the team in defining and refining the Shostack brand through the selection of colors, typography, and more. She is the owner of Hotiron Creative and creates logos and brand identity for researchers, companies, and conferences in the cybersecurity space.

Graphic Design

Paola Coda crafted page layouts and element composition to ensure all content would appear consistent in the new design. Paola runs Coda Creative Inc. providing a wide range of graphic design services for mid-size companies, with special expertise in the high tech industry and in collateral and immersive design for events.

Website Development

Connie “Sunfire” Hill used their expertise of semantic and accessible HTML5 and CSS3 to build the website to the specifications developed by the team. Sunfire is a freelance web developer and co-owner of Hitsaru, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in information security and related technologies.

Brand Consultant

Jessi Purdy advised the creative team on the perceptions, personality and brand traits that clients and audiences connect with, allowing them to define and create a design aesthetic that was authentic to Adam and Shostack + Associates. Jessi engages in creative media endeavors through the Invited In Media division of FIC Human Resources Partners.